established 2012

Assisting Chemist to design safer compounds

Safer Compounds means Safer Lives and a Safer planet

Innovative cellular analysis

AsedaSciences® helps chemists design safer compounds

We help chemist design safer compounds by providing actionable, biologically relevant predictions of the potential risk to human safety at the very start of the R&D process, without the use of animals. We achieve this by integrating a proprietary combination of high content human cell screens and machine learning algorithms into a single predictive platform, providing chemists with a simple, yet powerful tool to identify and reduce the risk of human toxicity.

Informed decisions

Faster results

Earlier identification of potential toxicity delivers the greatest financial benefits for the chemical producing industries by reducing the massive costs of downstream failures that occur at all phases of development.

Faster decisions

Approve, Improve or Remove

AsedaSciences can help predict the hidden safety risks and accelerate informed decision making on a compound from the R&D pipeline.