A system based approach to multi-parametric analysis

Our multi-parametric screens have been developed as a system; multiple technologies function seamlessly as a whole. Our SYSTEMETRIC approach integrates biology, automation and analysis to assess the effect of substances on multiple biological processes within a cell to determine toxic effect or provide a hypothesis for mechanism of action. The sensitivity of our applications also provides support for QSAR related modifications to your compounds, facilitating efforts to recover activity while reducing toxic related effects.

AsedaSciences® provides standardized, multiplexed and highly reproducible human cell-based screening applications using flow cytometry – delivering more with less. Our proprietary analytical approach merges various biological pathways, physiological parameters and cell states to improve the profiling of small molecule and biological therapeutic candidates. The end product is a sophisticated analysis of high content, high value information, simply presented. Our goal is to enhance the ability of our clients’ project teams, scientists and management to make critical decisions about a compound/series of compounds in a rapid, cost effective manner, earlier in the drug discovery process.

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